Election Day is November 7, 2017    |    Vote Libertarian–we support your rights!

Please see our Local Chapters and Officers pages for contact information if you would like to volunteer to help our candidates.

Your vote for our candidates is appreciated!

Please note that you can enroll with the Board of Elections as a Libertarian. Check the box which says “Other” and write in Libertarian on the line next to it, and the Board of Elections will list you as such. When we achieve official party status in NY, you will be able to participate in the process of party nomination.

2017 LP Candidates

The following candidates have been nominated for public office by the Libertarian Party of New York or its local chapters:


  • John Exner, Auburn City Council


  • Mark Potwora, Batavia City Council At-Large (facebook)
  • Jim Rosenbeck, Batavia City Council At-Large (facebook)
  • Lisa Whitehead, Batavia City Council At-Large (facebook)


  • James Canalli, Town Council
  • Rosamaria Abbate, District Judge


  • Taniqua Simmons, Mayor of Buffalo (facebook)


  • Nathen Conrad, Carroll Town Council (facebook)

East Hampton

  • Manuel Vilar, Jr., Town Supervisor
  • Carole A. Brennan, Town Clerk
  • Stephen K. Lynch, Superintendent of Highways
  • Steven Tekulsky, Town Justice
  • Paul A. Giardina, Town Council
  • Gerard Larsen, Town Council
  • Tina S. Silverman, Town Assessor
  • Joseph Bloecker, Trustee
  • Gary A. Cobb, Trustee
  • Julie A. Evans, Trustee
  • James C. Grimes, Trustee
  • Michael M. Havens, Trustee
  • Lyndsey M. Hayes, Trustee
  • Diane E. McNally, Trustee
  • Susan M. Vorpahl, Trustee
  • Willy J. Wolter, Trustee


  • Steve Schultz, Henrietta Town Supervisor (website)
  • Rob Barley, Henrietta Town Council (facebook)
  • Mike Stafford, Henrietta Town Council


  • Tracey A. Edwards, Town Supervisor


  • Michael Beshara, Manlius Town Board

New York City

  • Aaron Commey, Mayor of New York City (website • facebook)
  • Devin Balkind, New York City Public Advocate (website • facebook)
  • Alex Merced, New York City Comptroller (website • facebook)
  • Don Garrity, New York City Council, District 2 (website)
  • Melissa Jane Kronfeld, New York City Council, District 4 (website)
  • Ebonique Boyd, New York City Council, District 46 (website • facebook • twitter)
  • Brian Waddell, Manhattan Borough President (website • facebook)
  • Ben Kissell, Brooklyn Borough President (website)

Onondaga County

  • Will Martin, Onondaga County Legislature District 8
  • Derek Shepard, Onondaga County Legislature District 13
  • Casey Jordan, Onondaga County Legislature District 14


  • Rich Purtell, Owego Town Council (facebook)



  • John Dunleavy, Town Supervisor

Suffolk County

  • Peter J. Krauss, Sheriff
  • Chris Garvey, District Attorney
  • Rudolph Sunderman, Suffolk County Legislature District 3
  • Stephen Ruth, Suffolk County Legislature District 4
  • Frank Vetro, Suffolk County Legislature District 6
  • Christine Rignola, Suffolk County Legislature District 7
  • Anthony Piccirillo, Suffolk County Legislature District 8
  • Douglas E. King, Suffolk County Legislature District 9
  • Tom Cilmi, Suffolk County Legislature District 10
  • Stephen J. Flotteron, Suffolk County Legislature District 11
  • Leslie Kennedy, Suffolk County Legislature District 12
  • Robert Trotta, Suffolk County Legislature District 13
  • Christopher Madden, Suffolk County Legislature District 15
  • Hector Gavilla, Suffolk County Legislature District 16
  • Robert Schuon, Suffolk County Legislature District 17


  • Chris Fowler, Mayor of Syracuse (website • facebook)
  • Jason Zeigler, Syracuse City Judge

Van Buren

  • Darcie Lesniak, Van Buren Town Board


  • Christopher McLouth, York Town Justice (facebook)

Useful links:

The FEC has a lovely 110-page document for candidates considering running for congress, or managing a campaign (right-click to download).

Contact 866-336-3120 to let us know if you want to run or help out.

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