The following is the platform of the Libertarian Party of New York as adopted at the State Convention on April 10, 1983.

The Free Libertarian Party, whose objective is the extension of individual freedom to its furthers limits, afirms the following principles:

  • that each individual possesses the inalienable right to life, liberty and justly acquired property;
  • that no person or institution, public or private, has the right to initiate the use of force or fraud against another;
  • that the only moral purpose of government is the preservation and protection of individual rights;
  • that the voluntary exchange of goods and services is essential for a free and prosperous society of individuals of diverse beliefs.

I. Crime.

Recognizing the right of individuals to be free from the initiation of force by others, we hold that such initiation of force must be prohibited. We therefore advocate effective laws prohibiting violations of individual rights, such as murder, rape, kidnapping, assault, and robbery.

We oppose the initiation of force against individuals engaging in consensual activities. We therefore favor the repeal of all “victimless crime” laws. Specifically, we call for:

  • (1) the repeal of all laws against the sale, possession, manufacture or use of drugs. In addition to protecting the rights of people who decide to use drugs, this will reduce the exorbitant drug prices of the black market, thus reducing real crime which is not committed by drug addicts to pay for these black market prices;
  • (2) the repeal of all laws regulating or prohibiting gambling;
  • (3) the repeal of all laws regarding consensual sexual relations, including prostitution and solicitation, and the cessation of state and local oppression and harassment of homosexual men and women, that they, at last, be accorded their full rights as individuals;
  • (4) the repeal of all laws regulating or prohibiting the production, distribution, sale, possession or use of sexually explicit material, independent of ‘socially redeeming value” or compliance with ‘community standards;’
  • (5) the repeal of all laws regulating the production, sale and use of alcoholic beverages, and an end to the restriction of liquor sales through licensure. Repeal of such laws would eliminate identifying as criminals those who did not commit acts of aggression against others.

We note the such repeals would unclog the overburdened court calendar, free police resources to concentrate on real crime, and alleviate the overcrowding in the prison system. Repeal of laws against consensual activities would eliminate the huge profits organized crime reaps from prohibited activities.

II. Rights of the Victim of a Crime

We support restitution for the victim, to the fullest degree possible, at the expense of the criminal or wrongdoer.

III. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

We advocate full recognition and respect for the right to keep and bear arms and other means of self-defense.

We oppose all laws restricting the manufacture, sale, transfer or ownership of weapons, and all attempts at licensing the owners and registering the weapons.

IV. The Economy and Unemployment

Regulation of the economy imperils both personal freedom and material prosperity. Such regulation is a major cause of unemployment and economic dislocation. We therefore advocate the repeal of all laws which prohibit, restrict or dictate the terms of commerce. When parties cannot agree, a voluntary transaction will not occur, and action of government to compel such trade is a violation of individual rights.

To preserve and protect a free market , we advocate the dissolution of all regulatory bodies and agencies.

We advocate repeal of licensing laws. Such laws effectively prohibit individuals from engaging in economic activity of their choice. We call for the repeal of the New York State minimum wage law, which prevents many unskilled people from engaging in economic activity at any level, by denying them employment at a negotiated wage.

V. Taxation

Taxation is theft. No organization, including the government, has the right to take the property of anyone without his or her consent. Accordingly, we call for the abolition of personal income, sales, excise, property, corporate franchise, estate, gift, and all other taxes.

Libertarians recognize that those services performed by government which are truly necessary will continue to exist whether performed by government (financed by voluntary contributions, charges or fees) or by individuals or private companies. Enormous economic benefit will be gained by the elimination of government agencies created to regulate various sectors of the economy. The real effect of thiese agencies is the restraint of competition and innovation, while consuming private wealth through taxation.

VI. Education

We advocate the separation of education and state. We call for the termination of government ownership, operation, regulation or tax-paid subsidy of all schools. We advocate the end to compulsory education and teacher licensing laws.

VII. Welfare and Social Services

As Libertarians, we believe that each individual is responsible for his or her own life. We advocate the withdraw of government support and regulation of health and social services, in order to encourage the expansion of private care social services for the poor, unemployed and homeless; – we favor the repeal of all laws which prevent the entry of individuals into the health and social service industry, such as professional licensing and state code regulations.

VIII. Transportation

We support the repeal of all laws and the dissolution of all government agencies restricting transit competition, such as those granting taxi, bus, and other public transit monopolies.

IX. Housing and Property Rights

the right to justly acquired property carries with it an implied right to use or dispose of such property, so long as such action does not violate the equal rights of others.

Accordingly, We advocate the repeal of all zoning and land use laws, which only restrict the exercise of legitimate property rights.

We advocate the sale of all government owned housing, the cessation of all government housing subsidies, and the repeal of all rent control laws.

X. The Environment

We are concerned with the quality of the environment, and we maintain that polluting another’s property or person is a clear violation of individual rights.

We therefore advocate that disputes concerning pollution be resolved in the context of property and individual rights and that all laws which exist to protect the environment without regard to the rights of property owners be abolished.

We advocate that individuals and organizations be held fully liable for actions which adversely affect the legitimate rights of others. We advocate full liability for personal and property damage resulting from nuclear power plant operations.

XI. Utilities

We urge repeal of all laws granting exclusive franchises to utility companies and organizations. All laws limiting entry of new companies or organizations into the utilities market should be repealed. We call for the repeal of rate control laws and the dissolution of rate control agencies.

XII. Consumer Protection

The best protection consumers have is the free and open competition among suppliers of goods and services.

Government activity in this area creates only illusions of quality and safety and adds to the cost of doing business, which increase the price paid by the consumer.

We support effective laws against fraud and misrepresentation. However, we oppose government regulations which dictate to consumers, impose prices, define standards for products, or otherwise restrict risk taking and free choice.

XIII. Abortion

Recognition of one’s right to one’s own life requires acceptance of absolute dominion over one’s own body. We support the right of women to exercise a personal choice regarding termination of pregnancy, and oppose all attempts to undermine such rights by requiring consent of parents or prospective fathers or administrative procedures such as a waiting period or required counseling. Libertarians are opposed to financing abortions by coercive taxation. We call for repeal of laws preventing mothers from selling their trusteeship of unwanted babies.

XIV. Membership in the Party

The Free Libertarian Party accords full respect and recognition of individual liberty to all people, without respect to sex, race, creed, age, national origin or sexual preference.

We do not seek, nor would we accept, tax-supported subsidies to enable us to expand our influence, and we oppose all public funding of political campaigns.

Membership in the Party is open to all people who are in substantial agreement with the Preamble of this platform, who support the political, economic, and social goals contained herein, and who oppose the initiation of force as a means of achieving such goals.


Our silence about any particular government law, regulation, ordinance, directive, edict, control, regulatory agency or machination should not be construed to imply approval.

Adopted in convention, April 10, 1983.

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